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ABOUT IF / IF in the media

Since 2002 Ilse and Femke van Velzen are specialised in making documentaries. They expose injustice (in developing countries) to a worldwide audience and give oppressed people a voice. Ilse and Femke operate, produce and direct documentaries as independent film makers under their own label IFPRODUCTIONS.

IFPRODUCTIONS is more than just a film label. An essential part of the film makers is to fight injustice by using the produced documentaries as sustainable educational projects. Ilse and Femke reach out to local communities by bringing back their films as educational tools to lift people out of inequality and violence. The project ‘The Mobile Cinema’ in the Democratic Republic of Congo is an example of one of these projects. It is a cinema that travels from village to village in east Congo and shows a film about sexual violence to thousands of people to make the subject discussible and to overcome injustice.

Binnen Oranjestraat 17 • 1013 HZ Amsterdam • ilse +31(0)6 42 29 69 48 • femke +31(0)6 42 27 46 65 • info@ifproductions.nl